Parents are very concerned about their children's learning and often sign up for various training courses for their children from a very young age. After going to school, parents will also spare time to help their children learn. However, when counselling, many parents use the wrong method. So, how does Pivot Academics help children learn?

1. Point out the problem

When we find that the child has learning problems, such as deviating, we will not reprimand the child at this time but clearly point out the problem and correct the child's learning thinking.

2. Guide thinking

When children are learning, independent thinking is very important, and Pivot will teach children how to think actively. We will not directly tell the children the correct answer but provide appropriate guidance, which can cultivate children's habit of independent thinking.

3. Correct homework

After the child has finished the homework, we will check it again. We will also correct the homework with the children so that when mistakes are found, we can correct them in time and understand why the children made mistakes.

4. Appropriate supervision

Children are usually lazy when studying, and some children like to kill time. At this time, we will properly supervise and urge. Pivot teachers will also pay attention to the method of supervision so as not to arouse the child's rebellious heart.