Our Mission A pivot (n.), originally as a shaft or a pin on which something turns, plays the most crucial part in a lever system. As to pivot (v.), is to adapt or improve by adjusting or modifying something, such as a service or strategy. Pivot Academics is an academic centre founded in 2021, by a group of young, energetic yet experienced and passionate workers in education, exactly with a mission to play the role as the middleman between success and the students, regardless of their endeavours. Pivot is the key to helping students project their minimized efforts into maximized achievements effectively and efficiently.
We offer a wide spectrum of high-end academic services, ranging from junior nurturing, subject tutoring and exam prep to university support. We focus mainly on different international curricula, aiming at providing a series of quality services to help our students develop and utilize their full potential and ability, eventually paving their way to excellence and success.
We are currently based in Hong Kong, yet we extend our expertise to institutions worldwide. With our ambition and extensive network with other outstanding institutes, we are proud to assist our students in boarding school and university admission, from local prestigious colleges to top-notch international institutions. Professional guidance and individualized coaching shall be provided to pivot their academic prospect, while the PIVOT Medical Training Programme is just part of the highlights. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and enquiries!