Audrey's Triumph: Overcoming Obstacles to Attend the Prestigious Roedean School, UK

"When I decided to pursue my education in the UK, I faced hurdles. Most schools had passed their application deadlines, and my residential constraints added to the complexity of getting into my preferred school. However, the educational consultants at Pivot Academics didn't let these obstacles deter them. They passionately advocated for my admission into one of the top schools in my area, and their relentless efforts paid off. My family and I were overjoyed when I was accepted, and the consultants maintained close contact with me throughout my educational journey in the UK, offering unparalleled care and attention that is hard to find elsewhere!"

Audrey, a proud student of Hong Kong's Sha Tin College (ESF Sha Tin College), always had her sights set on the UK's illustrious Roedean School. In 2019, 54.8% of Roedean School students attained A*/A grades in A Level examinations, placing the school 75th among boarding schools.

Despite Audrey’s aspirations, she missed many application deadlines for UK boarding schools due to unfamiliarity with the admission process. Once the UK admissions consultants at Pivot Academics took over Audrey's case, they tirelessly liaised with the school within a tight timeframe, ultimately helping Audrey secure admission to the renowned Roedean School. They also resolved all post-admission difficulties, including fees, accommodation, enrollment matters, and other miscellaneous issues.

Frank L. Achieves 4As in IAL and Successfully Enrolls in HKU Medicine

"Pivot Academics played a crucial role in my pursuit of a medical degree at the University of Hong Kong. Their biology teacher, Teresa, and medical interview mentor, Anya, provided invaluable support and guidance. Teresa taught me a solid foundation in biology and gave valuable advice for university applications. Anya helped me improve my interview skills and confidence. I am grateful for their expertise and dedication, which allowed me to smoothly enter the HKU Bachelor of Medicine program."

Frank has excellent academic results, but biology is one of the most important subjects for studying medicine. Our teachers identified his areas of weakness in biology and provided him with personalized one-on-one intensive classes to help him improve. These courses helped him establish a strong foundation in biology and set him up for success in his medical studies.

In addition, the admission interview is one of the most challenging parts of the application process. Our teacher Anya, who successfully enrolled in the Bachelor of Medicine program, has a deep understanding of the medical admission process. She provided valuable advice to Frank and helped him fully prepare for the medical admission interview. Anya's professional guidance enabled Frank to excel in the interview and enhance his competitiveness.

With the expertise of our teachers in academics and interviews, we successfully assisted Frank in enrolling in the HKU Bachelor of Medicine program.

Stephanie's Stellar Triumph: From Struggling Student to Law Scholar at Hong Kong's Top University

"Pivot Academics houses the friendliest and most knowledgeable faculty, who have an intricate understanding of the admission process. As deadlines loomed, Pivot designed my exam preparation roadmap within a matter of hours. They also infused my personal essay with fresh, unexpected perspectives. I wholeheartedly recommend Pivot Academics to any student seeking assistance with university applications!"

The University of Hong Kong, holding the rank as the top university in Hong Kong, has stringent admission requirements. Stephanie, like many, found herself struggling with certain subjects, not meeting the grade standards required for admission into the university's Law School in her mock examinations.

Understanding Stephanie's strengths and weaknesses, Pivot Academics immediately tailored an exam preparation plan and a series of practice tests just for her. Stephanie turned her struggles into strengths, and with the guidance of the tutors at Pivot Academics, she not only achieved an astonishing 4 A* grades in her GCEAL examinations but also secured a coveted spot in the Law Department of the University of Hong Kong. Her journey from struggling student to law scholar is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated tutoring and personal resilience.

Voices of Success: Testimonials from Our Thriving Students

Every student's journey is unique, filled with triumphs and trials, highs and lows, but what remains a constant is the unwavering support and guidance provided by Pivot Academics. Hear directly from our students about their experiences and the impact that our dedicated tutors have had on their academic journeys.

Stay tuned for their stories of transformation, resilience, and success. From overcoming learning difficulties to achieving outstanding exam results, these students embody the spirit of determination and the power of personalized education. Their testimonials are a testament to the commitment of Pivot Academics to help every student realize their full potential and exceed their own expectations.

Adrian Ngai

Successfully admitted to Cambridge University MBBS | 成功考入劍橋大學內外全科醫學士

Most unique to Pivot is the wide network of mentors and students, meaning that for virtually any query, there is likely someone who has had a recent experience with the issue at hand. Pivot also holds frequent sessions spanning various aspects of the application process and provides a well-rounded approach to medical applications. Arrangement of work experience is also of great help to students, who may otherwise struggle to find the tailor-made work experience opportunities that Pivot offers.

Audrey So - ESF Sha Tin College 香港沙田學院

Successfully admitted to Roedean School, UK | 成功入讀英國 Roedean School

When I decided to go to the UK, most of the schools have passed the deadline, and there are certain restrictions on where I can go to study, but after the Pivot Academics counsellor took over my case, they still tried their best to get me into the region and the top school. And finally, I was successfully admitted. My family and I were ecstatic. The counsellor would still pay attention to my study journey in the UK and maintain close contact. This kind of thorough care, It's hard to find elsewhere.

Benjamin Yip

Successfully admitted to the Medicine of University of Kent | 成功考入肯特大學醫學院

The strengths of the Pivot Medical Programme include access to work experience with good variety in both primary and secondary care, personal statement coaching with tailored statements for different medical school admissions, and mock interviews, covering MMIs, interview techniques and professional development.

James Yip

Successfully admitted to Dentistry of Queens Belfast | 成功入讀Queens Belfast牙科

A very detailed and personalised medical programme which ensures everyone can receive holistic support in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I really enjoyed the packed sessions with different mentors that cover all aspects of the selection process from preparing a personal statement to MMI interviews. Without the help of excellent standards, my application process could have been a lot more challenging.

Joey Mok

Successfully admitted to Medicine of the University of Manchester | 成功考入曼徹斯特大學醫學院

Pivot Medical Program mentoring by doctors who are very passionate about teaching aspiring medics, know the NHS very well, available anytime for advice and support. Regular interview training was extremely helpful!

K.Wang - Canadian International School of Hong Kong, CDNIS 香港加拿大國際學校

Successfully admitted to University College London (UCL) | 成功入讀倫敦大學學院

Sunny's classes were really helpful. He managed to identify and improve my weakness. The tedious concepts were delivered in a comprehensive way. I was able to be clearer about the content after every class and eventually achieved an ideal grade. Now I'm studying at my dream university, and I would not have done that without his help.

Michael Chan

Successfully admitted to Medicine of University of Hong Kong | 成功考入香港大學醫學院

The holistic support from the Pivot Medical Programme. I was able to receive advice on every aspect of the university application process from different mentors. Also, I was able to meet peers who are in the same process as me and form this support network.

Prudence Leung

Successfully admitted to Aston Medical School | 成功入讀阿斯頓醫學院

The Pivot Medical programme helped massively with my medical school application, especially with interview training and constructing a good personal statement. All the mentors are passionate about helping students achieve their best with personalised feedback and support.

Stephanie Chan, Scored 4A* in GCEAL and now studying LLB in Hong Kong University

Teresa is a very friendly tutor and very knowledgeable about the admissions process. I got a lot done in a few hours as the deadline approached. She gave me a lot of great ideas in my personal essay that I wouldn't have thought of myself. I'd definitely recommend it to students looking for help with their college applications!

Tommy Li

Successfully admitted to Aston Medical School | 成功入讀阿斯頓醫學院

Over the past two years, Billy (Dr Leung) and Alex (Dr Man) have been excellent mentors for me and a tremendous inspiration to me. There is no doubt to say that their guidance has brought me further in life. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to have both as a guide and mentor.

Tybalt Pang

Successfully admitted to Kings College London Medicine | 成功入讀倫敦國王學院醫學學士

In my opinion, the biggest strength that Pivot Medical Programme provides, and what distinguishes it from other programmes that support aspiring medical students, is the “whole-package” style, individualised support to the applicant. Applicants are followed through from their GCSEs, through A-levels, up until they get into medical school, so mentors have a full understanding of the applicant’s profile from academics, motivation, work experience, UCAT, BMAT, etc. and can therefore provide the right kind of support and guidance at the appropriate times as needed or as requested (e.g. when decisions have to be made on subject choice, or when deciding whether to take the UCAT/ BMAT or both). This also proves to be especially helpful in personal statement writing and university selection, as the mentors’ holistic understanding of the applicant allows them to provide better guidance when working with them on their personal statement; as well as choosing the right university to apply to, as all the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant’s profile are taken into account. For interview preparation, practice sessions are available on-request, which is extremely helpful as medical school interviews come closer, and the experienced mentors are able to provide realistic mock-interviews, as well as invaluable advice like “red-flag” mistakes to avoid and points to work on.

W. Lam - West Island School 西島中學

Perfect IB scorer and now studying MBBS at the Hong Kong University | IB 高分入讀香港大學內外全科醫學士

I've been learning from Serene through my IGCSE and IB years, and I'm so grateful for her guidance! Serene has really helped me understand all the topics I've struggled with, from motors in Physics all the way up to stop me from pulling my hair out in HL Maths AA! Her meticulous and caring teaching truly helped me understand the concepts for exams, alongside many past paper questions and continuous help even outside the classroom! Thank you so much :D

Apology Statement

To our esteemed students, family members, and the public,

Pivot Academics has always been committed to providing excellent educational services and celebrating the achievements of our students. Today, we find it necessary to express our sincere apologies for a particular matter.

We have noticed that, despite good intentions, some of the student testimonials we have chosen to use in the past have inadvertently caused psychological pressure and daily distress for one of our beloved students. We deeply regret this incident and its possible effects on the student and their family.

We would like to clarify that the student only utilized our tutoring services, not our school advancement services. We offer our unreserved apologies for this misunderstanding and for any distress it has caused.

We are once again immensely grateful for all the support from our students and their families since the establishment of our school and for walking this journey with Pivot Academics. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the family of the former student for their trust in our services.

Pivot Academics is committed to ensuring that all our communications are clear, supportive, and free from pressure. We are actively reviewing our student testimonials and marketing materials to prevent any future misunderstandings.

We extend our heartfelt apologies to all those affected by this and invite any of our students or family members to discuss with us any concerns that may arise. Your feedback is crucial for us to improve our services and to better serve our community.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.