Pivot Extracurricular Activities (ECA)

Extra-curricular activities (ECA) or cultural activities, are activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of the school, college or university education. ECA is regarded as informal education with a hidden curriculum, with increasing importance in education belief. The noteworthy examples of informal education in the context of ECA may include games, gardening, reading, etc.
The value of information education mainly creates an enjoyable but serious environment for players to learn implicitly. The children can learn soft concepts like rules, co-operation, communication, and socialisation. Debriefing is crucial in ECA and few persons do it well. Pivot facilitators have a flair in facilitating ECA and can help the players to learn soft concepts in a pleasant environment.

Summer Courses

The Pivot ECA Summer Program will start accepting student registrations in June. Students and parents can visit the center in person, fill out the form online, email, and Whatsapp to know more details and apply the courses.

YFS aims to nurture at an early age, a strong financial and entrepreneurial acumen among these selected, high-potential scholars.

Provide students with an understanding of how the most important artificial intelligence techniques in STEM topics are applied to agricultural technology.

Let students understand how to use the smart cycling machine to improve their physical function, so as to improve their learning efficiency.

Young Finance Scholar (YFS) Program

YFS aims to nurture at an early age, a strong financial and entrepreneurial acumen among these selected, high-potential scholars.

The Young Finance Scholar (YFS) program of the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a tailored training program designed specifically for pre-college students who have aspirations to explore interests in the finance or business world. Following NYIF's 100-year legacy of providing finance related courses for the professionals, YFS is also taught and designed by senior Wall Street experts and business leaders.

Artificial Intelligence Vertical Farming (AI Farming) Cultivation Program Certificate Course

Using 100% renewable energy with 0% carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, AI Farming protects the world by growing plants to produce oxygen (O2). Organic bio-fertilizer + electrolyzed water for protecting the earth and rebuilding the land.

In this course students can learn about artificial intelligence techniques, data collection and the basics of vertical farming. Among them, there are AI experience platforms and image recognition tools that allow students to develop and apply them. Students can learn to solve the food shortage problem of green energy by using the latest technology; in the process, students can develop their imagination and creativity.

  • Suitable for P4-F6 students

Effectively Improve Body Function Training Class

Power training is the use of power data to help students train. Collecting the "special measurement" data as a reference reflects the exact amount of exercise everyone in training/competition.

Appropriate training is important and targeted. The difference between coaching arrangements and finding some training content on the Internet is whether it is targeted. What you find yourself in is usually fun first and do whatever you want; the coach arranges for your strengths and weaknesses and customizes training according to the driver's condition, physical fitness, level and goal.