US University


Are you or your child an ambitious student who wishes to earn a degree from a top US university?

Our experienced team of US university admissions consultants can guide you to achieve the target!

We can guide you toward success by working with you or your child throughout the application process, starting as early as Form 3 / Grade 9 / Year 10.


We assess the student’s readiness and strengths for a successful university application. Our Counselors conduct a comprehensive interview with the student to review their academic and extra-curricular achievements.


Top universities and colleges require students to articulate their life goals, display character and sound values, and share experiences that demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social responsibility. Under our University Admissions Consulting Program, our Counselors work with students to develop a multi-year roadmap for university admissions and challenge them to aim for the best possible university.


Top universities, such as Oxbridge and Ivy League, look for students who show dedication to their chosen field of subject through extra-curricular activities and internships. These are crucial for writing a compelling personal statement. GRTalent therefore recommends activities, explore internship opportunities for our students so they can gain a deeper understanding of different professions.


Drawing on the experience of our team, we help students and parents plan overseas campus visits, and advise them on what they should pay most attention to.

With our university admissions consulting services, we recommend suitable universities and help explain the likelihood of being successfully admitted into each school.


A personal statement is an opportunity for a student to make a good impression on the university admissions committee. A student’s character, life experiences, values, view of the world and future potential can all be vividly expressed.

To achieve this purpose, the team aims to understand each student’s life story – then highlight their achievements in the most impactful way, and showcase their thought processes and talents in carefully crafted essays. We help students improve their writing style, and ensure their essays make compelling and noteworthy statements.

An interview is sometimes the final hurdle before acceptance. To prepare students, we conduct mock interviews using a list of questions from our data bank. These include unfamiliar topics, critical and probing questions, and questions that may arise from reading the student’s personal statement.


Through utilising personal strengths assessment and career exploration tools, our team works systematically in identifying the student’s unique strengths, and their suitability for a range of career options.

Our Counsellors monitor students’ study habits and grades to maximise their academic potential for university admission. They coach students on staying focused and using a workplan to achieve their desired results. Students eventually build a solid track record of success that they can draw on in all aspects of their application. Our Counsellors and Tutors would also offer Subject Tutorials, University Subject Foundation and subject taster programmes to complement our university admissions consulting programme.

International Schools Application (Hong Kong)

Students with an international school background have a clear advantage with an increased cultural exposure and internationally recognised curriculum. With more than a hundred of international schools to choose from, each with their own entry requirements, gaining acceptance from a top Hong Kong international school is becoming ever more challenging and many schools now have long waiting lists.


Pivot Consultants would first meet with the student for an initial assessment in order to evaluate their suitability for particular international schools. We would also make recommendations of which schools would offer the best fit in terms of learning environment and development opportunities for the student.


We advise students on engaging in leadership activities and community services strategically in order to enhance their personal profile, and we would also offer constant academic guidance and support in order to ensure the student is academically capable to handle the challenging admission tests of the international schools.


As each international school is different, we would also give recommendation for international school choice based on further career development and university destination. Some schools have better track record for overseas university admission for particular destinations, and our Consultants will be able to analyse these in order to help the student in their future academic planning beyond secondary school.


School applications are more than just filling in the forms. There is a fine balance between showcasing your child’s talents and overdoing it. Our Consultants will give you the best advice and note the things to avoid in an application to maximise your child’s chance of successful application.