The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is offered by The Enrollment Management Association of the United States, which focused on the students’ verbal, mathematical, and reading skills. Students have multiple ways throughout the year to take the SSAT.

It is an important component of the complete application process to private primary and secondary schools in the US, and it helps both the schools and the students ensure they find the best match. SSAT comprises four sections (170 questions total) and one unscored essay prompt. It takes approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes to complete the test with a couple of short breaks built in

The exam is administered on three levels:

Grades 3-4: SSAT Elementary Level Test

Grades 5-7: SSAT Middle Level Test

Grades 8-11: SSAT Upper Level Tes

Section Number of Questions Question Types Time
Writing Sample 1(unscored)prompt Topic statment which you will be asked to respond to (support or argue), using specific examples from personal experience, current events,history or literature 25 minutes
break -- -- 5 minutes
Quantitative (Math) 25 multiple choice Number Concepts and Operations, Algebrabilitya,Geometry, Measurement, Data Analysis, Porb 30 minutes
Reading 40 multiple choice(7 passages) Main ideas, Details,inferences, Word Meanings,Author's Purpose and Tone,Opinions and Arguments,Predictions 40 minutes
Break -- -- 10 minutes
Verbal 60 multiple choice(30synonyms and 30 analogies) Vocabulary, Verbal Reasoning, Ability to Relate ideas Logically 30 minutes
Quantitative(Math) 25 multiple choice Number Concepts and Operations, Algebra, Geometry,Measurement,Data Analysis, Probability 30 minutes
Experimental 16 multiple choice Verbal,Reading, and Quantitative-style queastions 15 minutes
Total 167 Number of Questions -- 3 hours 5 minutes